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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

whoa!! What a day!!!

So tomorrow I'm going to be making pickles!!!  I picked a total of 6 cucumbers today and they'll need to be pickled tomorrow.  Put 'em up! (an AWESOME preserving book) is going to help me along but it's going to be a HOT day in our kitchen with canning, etc, so it will get interesting!!!!

I also picked another Green Bell Pepper, some more Sweet Banana Peppers (which will need canned soon too!), MORE green beans, and some lavender flowers that I will dry and use in some cookie recipes!!

The garden needed a lot of grooming today - I had to tie back some of the tomato plants - I forgot how wide these grow - and I trained some more of the cucumber plants. The pumpkins are getting bigger!  I'm hoping I have a bunch so I can carve some pumpkins this year - and roast the pumpkin seeds - yum!

I'll take a picture of my bushel basket and be sure to post it soon!!  Wish me luck tomorrow!!! : )

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