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Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 Garden Plan!!

Ok so yesterday I had some time to plan out my garden.  Jeff and I talked and made a list of what we want.  I decided to go with a combo of a square foot garden (plant items each square foot) and a companion garden (items that grow well together). 

I used this online Garden Planner for the square foot garden which is AWESOME!!!  I also googled companion garden to search for what items grow well together and used the planner to plant items together.

You can save your plan/plans and print them out - they even give you planting pointers for each item you've selected.  You can see that with the corn in one section, we're going to try to plant peanuts and in the other section peas and beans.  (The legumes use the corn stalk when they grow their vines!!)

I also wanted to post these cute pics of Alyse with her Yellow Duck.  : )

Check out this video of Alyse telling Sedona "Doh, No, eat the ducks!"

I can't wait to start planting!!!  I think that I am going to try some cold planting with milk jug greenhouses.  Has anyone tried this?!?! Let me know!!

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