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Monday, May 4, 2015

Starting to take shape...

So the Mini Farm is starting to take shape...finally. Work has been super super crazy for me, 5 more days until graduation, and then I should be able to come up for air....hopefully. I plan on transplanting some seedlings into the ground this weekend, and some into pots to try to sell for cheap in our big upcoming yardsale!!

I'm pleasantly surprised by how well the milk jug greenhouses worked out. Almost everything took, some got burnt by the sun but still have some viable ones, some took off, and others haven't sprouted...peppers, mainly, so I'm hoping they are just being slow pokes.

Alyse's egg carton gardens are doing great too, and REALLY need transplanted!!!

We had a few scares with the ducks and chickens. 2 weeks ago when it was super cold, we had them in their coop. I worked late and didn't get home until 1am. Their heat lamp was burnt out!!! Still a concern as most of their feathers hadn't come in yet, so Jeff went and got another one to make it through the night. Fast forward 3 days....woke up, walked outside to water and feed them, and noticed what I thought was steam (from their massive amounts of poop...TMI) pouring out of the chicken wire. Nope. Definitely was on a smoldering fire. Thank goodness I caught it and did the bucket brigade from our rain water barrel until it was out. A huge hole in the floor AND it almost completely burnt through one of the legs. We are so, so lucky it didn't collapse, as our almost finished remodeled house could've gone up.

AND I'm happy to say not one of the birds was injured or died!!!  For a temporary solution, they've been moved into our old, way to small coop, until we can finalize the fix of the new one. They seem happy there, although one of the chickens has since died.

I can't wait to get in the dirt (and get some much needed vitamin D) outside this weekend!!!  Anyone need seedlings?!?!