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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Starting our seeds!!

So, as I mentioned, we are starting most of our plants in milk jugs and are putting them outside. They *hopefully* act as mini greenhouses, but I've saved seeds of each in case the don't work.  I need to collect some more milk jugs from work to get all of our variety in....

Our Rd has a major yard sale the 3rd week in May - it's always been graduation weekend for me, but this year our school moved it up a week, so we will be able to participate!!  I'm hoping to sell some seedlings..maybe. but we are really hoping to thin out our belongings as we get settled towards the end of our remodel.

I saw these cute all-in-one egg carton gardens online. When I went into tractor supply to get chicken feed, they had them there. I picked 2 up for Alyse's Easter gift and am hoping they work out!! She has loved seeing bulbs grow at my mom's so I am hoping she will really enjoy these. They come with a daily measuring thing too!! Super cute!!

In animal news, all of the new ducklings and chickens are still doing well. Yellow duck - aka buttercup - is huge!!!! They enjoy swimming occasionally, too.

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