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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chickens are still here!!! / Grilled Pizza Recipe!!

They made it through the first night!!!!  We had a slight mishap with the heating lamp, but all is good now.  We may need to build the replacement brooder sooner than we thought!

The chicks are feisty little things!!! We cleaned out the paper towels when I got home from work and then proceeded to clean their "vents."  It was kind of crazy!!!  After the first two, we realized we couldn't tell which ones we already cleaned - haha - so we had to get a separate box to put the "cleaned" ones in and they tried to escape!!!

I (who's afraid of birds) actually held a baby chicken for FIVE seconds!!! : ) then it started to move, I got nervous, and I put it back in the brooder very quickly!!!  We'll see how I handle things when they start getting bigger...

The kittens make me a little nervous around them, but for the most part, they just seem curious, like the dogs.  I'm hoping that when the chickens get bigger, the cats and the dogs will protect them when they graduate to the chicken coop outside!!

If anyone wants to bring their kids to see the chicks, let me know - we're going away this weekend, but the first week or two is when they are still in their cute phase - then they start growing really quickly...

No garden news today - just waiting to pick the peppers and no berry trip today...too much to do around the house...

Other note:
I strained the Basil Vinegar and Olive Oil today - and I think it worked!!!  The vinegar smells less vinegary and the oil smells terrific - I can't wait to use it in our next grilled pizza dough!

Grilled Pizza Recipe:
1 Recipe Pizza Dough (use Basil Oil Recipe in other Posting), or 1 can refrigerated Pizza Dough
Favorite Sauce (BBQ, Red, White, just oil)
Toppings, Cheese, meats (pre-cooked if needed), veggies, or fruits - for dessert pizza

1.) Cut pizza dough into 4 same size pizzas and stretch into personal size pizza doughs.  Brush oil on one side.
2.) On hot grill, place pizza dough, oiled side down.  Brush oil on new top of dough. Grill for 2-3 minutes until it easily comes up from the grill.  *GET YOUR TOPPINGS READY AND NEARBY!!*
3.) Flip dough to new oiled side.  Quickly put on sauce, toppings and cheese.
4.) Close lid and grill for another 1 - 2 minutes.
5.) Enjoy!!

**We love this recipe when we're camping!!!  People are always surprised to have pizza!**
**As mention before, try a dessert pizza - spread flipped dough with icing, honey, butter, etc then top with apples, peaches, or other fruits and finish as before.  Or try it with marshmallow fluff on the bottom, and top with chocolate pieces and graham cracker crumbs - Yum...s'mores!!**

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