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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alyse's first berry picking

A friend made us some raspberry wine out of the raspberries we picked from our hillside two summers ago. Last year berry picking was out for me, either being pregnant or with an infant, and Jeff didn't make it out much either.

The friend that made the wine came over today to check out the berries... Jeff asked me if we wanted to go, and I said sure why not?! We packed up the backpack, put the baby in the bjorn and headed out with the dogs. It was overcast, but nothing too crazy, until we made it to our woods. 1/2 way down, we decided to check the radar (ohhhh modern technology), as it started to rain, and low and behold, we were about to be in the middle of a thunderstorm.  Jeff took off with Alyse back up the hill and I corralled the dogs (they had run off after a deer) and made our way up. We all ended up soaked!!! 

Waited about a half hour for the weather to pass and started out again. The creek was flooded and the trail was SOOOOOO overgrown. Jeff is planning on cleaning it up in a week or so.  The blackberries were starting to ripen and we got a good amount. I only picked 1/2 of the time - the first 1/2 I spent braiding Alyse a daisy crown!!

The over abundance of raspberry plants is exciting, and they aren't even close to being ready!!  We are looking forward to heading back out in a few weeks! And to try new recipes - maybe Popsicles for Alyse or jam?!? Any thoughts?!

Alyse was a trooper, although the sun and steady walking tired her out!  

As for the garden - it's so overgrown, I feel like it may be a lost cause!! Not to mention we've had tons of rabbits this year, so a lot of plants have been eaten already!! : ( I'm in it everyday for a little bit, and once we hang Alyse's swing ill be able to be put a lot more time in, so am hoping we will be able salvage some things!!