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Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Vegetable Harvest!!!

I picked my first Green Bell Pepper and a Sweet Banana Pepper this afternoon!!  Now just have to wait for a few more to pickle and/or cook with!!!

So I'm going to stick to the Basil theme for today, and it's going to be short and sweet - we are meeting friends for dinner tonight!!

For those of you that are mosquito bait...try cutting a Basil bunch, or place a basil plant in your bedroom or other areas that they bother you.  Basil is a natural mosquito repellent!!

Yesterday I made Basil Infused Olive Oil and Basil infused Vinegar - Really easy!!
1 bunch basil (about 15 leaves)
1 cup either Olive Oil or White Vinegar
1 - 2 Pint Jars
Pinch of Salt

1.) Pour either Olive oil or Vinegar into pint jar
2.) Submerge Basil leaves in liquid
3.) Top with a pinch of salt
4.) Shake everyday for a week and store in the refrigerator
5.) Once the week is up, strain the leaves, and reserve the liquids
6.) Can keep for up to 1 year.  (Vinegar - stored in a cool dark place, Oil - stored in refrigerator)

*When making pizza dough, or breads, substitute the oil for your flavored oil!!  It will add a surprising flavor to the crust/bread!!

*DO NOT store Basil Oil at room temperature, as it could create botulism!!!

On a different note:  Our chicks are due to arrive on Tuesday!! This weekend we'll be finishing the brooder and getting ready for their arrival!  Stay tuned for pictures and tips!!  Did I mention that I'm afraid of birds?!?! - This could get interesting!!

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