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Friday, July 22, 2011


Seriously. I am being cooked alive by this heat!!!  It has put a damper in my canning/preserving plans, as I'm afraid to turn on my stove top and add to the 90+ degree temperature that my house feels like it's at. has been delayed until a little bit cooler weather.  Seriously - how did our grandparents can/preserve in the summer!?!?!  I couldn't even begin to imagine!!!  But anyway, I am going to get some of the cucumbers prepped and ready for canning as soon as it starts to cool down...

I'm picking another zucchini today, more green beans (of course), and lots more cucumbers.  Who likes pickles?  I'll have plenty to share!!  Too bad I don't have my dart team anymore so that I can pawn off produce every week!!! 

I'm happy to report that the chicks are in a new and bigger brooder.  and...guess who moved each one of them?!  I did!!!! I was panicking and had to talk myself through each move, but they ended up ok!!  The cats started pawing at them so we had to put them in a separate room.  The dogs just watched them, which was really cute, and I'm hoping they will continue to be such good "friends" as the chickens continue to grow.  Their feathers are starting to come in!!

Stay cool this weekend!! : )

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