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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Berries, Peppers, and Beef - Oh my!

So I was a busy bee yesterday and today...

Ended up picking berries last night.  I originally didn't think we would have time, but we did it!  We didn't get nearly as much as last time but still got about 3 lbs.  And there are still more ripening! : )  There are some great pictures and videos of me driving the quad, as Jeff's hand still isn't better!  I'll be sure to post those as well as others once we get them downloaded.

I also used my KitchenAid meat grinder last night and today too!!  We are going away for the weekend and I'm in charge of Friday night's food - Burgers and Dogs!!  We were out of ground beef from our 1/4 cow purchase, but I was able to make ground beef with some of the Chuck and other Roasts we had left.  The burgers smell great!!!

Wait till you see what I harvested from the garden today too!!  Again, we need to download the pictures, so they'll be in a later post but I had a great banana pepper and green pepper, and of course some more herbs.  I have about a 1/2 pound of green beans ready to cook and a few cucumbers and zucchini are almost ready too.  The corn is getting bigger too!!! I never realized how corn grew and it seriously is really cool.  The stalk is in a spiral and it makes the leaves kind of curly too! 

Since I'll be away this weekend, I won't be able to post - but I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

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