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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brooder is ready!!!

Well, today has flown by and I didn't get nearly as much done that I planned on (isn't that always the case).  But one thing is for sure - The chicken brooder is ready for the chicks!!!

Thanks to my buddy and co-worker Skot for loaning us Raising Chickens for Dummies and for encouraging us to get the chicks!  The brooder really is pretty simple and we made need to upgrade as the chickens grow, but to start - it's perfect.

Main components:
Large plastic storage container (clear if possible so you can watch the chicks)
Pine shavings for the bottom
Self waterer
Self feeder
Heat lamp
Screen lid (Jeff still needs to build this)

For the first week or so, it is to suggested to layer paper towels over the shavings so the chicks don't inadvertently eat too much of it.  The brooder should be about 95 degrees about 2 inches above the surface (where the chicks bodies are).

Pictures are to follow : )

Garden News -

I have some more banana peppers and green bell peppers that are almost ready to pick!! I've picked 5 green beans and just need a few more to cook! There are definitely both kind of cucumbers growing, lots of peppers, 1 pumpkin, some tomatoes, and a few zucchini!!  So there's definitely produce in the near future - I just hope that it hurries up!!!

Kitchen Tid-bit -

I'm lucky enough to have a Kitchen Aid mixer and some attachments.  We also bought a 1/4 of a cow this year and are out of ground beef.  I'm going to take some of the Roasts we have left and grind them with our grinder attachment.  We are going away this weekend and I'm in charge of grilling burgers and dogs Friday night!! Has anyone ever used this before and have pointers?!  I know some of the steps, thanks to work, but if you have any great ideas - let me know!

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