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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chickens are a month old!!!!

So the chickens turned a month old this past Monday!!!  To celebrate, Jeff took them out of the brooder one by one to join the family for a few minutes in the living room.  There are some funny pictures of the one of the kittens going nose to beak with one of the chicks and Jeff took a few pictures of me holding them!!!

Oscar and one of the chicks

I did ok until Jeff refused to take one back then I started to have a minor panic attack and he had to come rescue me.  Of course, when he did - the one that was freaking me out pooped on my shirt!!!  Believe me, the shirt has been retired to the garbage can! haha

Sedona, of course, still thinks that they are her babies!!! She kept nudging them and wanted to be near them!!  It looked like she had a HUGE smile on her face the whole time - TOO FUNNY!!

Sedona and one of her Babies!! : )
We also started to plan for the chicken coop (no, we still don't have one ready) - but we know where we are going to put it in the yard and are going to build a pen for them to be in, in the meantime.  We (Jeff) moved them outside today so we could clean out the cage and start the process of them being able to be outside.  We still have yet to name them?!  Any suggestions? - we have 3 black and white ones and 3 brown ones...All girls! 

Here are a few pictures!!

Chicks finding their way home!
I think the black and white one in this picture is the "mother hen" - she actually went over to these two other chicks and guided them back into the brooder!!

Back safe and sound!!
Go on and shake your tail feather!

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